Reviewer roles and responsibilities

Peer review process is the first-line mechanism by which scientific journals evaluate the merit and value of a scientific manuscript submitted to them. Consequently, manuscripts submitted to Nanomedicine Research Journal (NMRJ) go through a strict and rigorous peer review process before considering for publication and therefore, it is important to clearly state and define the responsibilities of reviewers to ensure the clarity and objectivity of the peer-review process.

In addition to objectivity and proficiency, reviewers must honor their responsibilities toward authors, editors and readers as stated below:

  • Reviewers who feel unqualified or unable to provide a prompt review to an assigned manuscript should inform the Editor in Chief to be excluded from the review process
  • Reviewers should maintain the confidentiality of the information obtained from the manuscript under review. Reviewers should not share, disclose or discuss the obtained information with third parties under any circumstances
  • Reviewers should not use the obtain information from the manuscript under consideration to their benefit or advantage
  • Reviewers should provide objective feedback on the scientific and scholarly qualities of the work under consideration
  • Reviewers should evaluate the assigned manuscript based on originality, composition, clarity, conciseness and fluency of the writing, scientific accuracy and interest to the natural audience
  • Reviewers should avoid writing comments or criticism directed personally at the authors of the manuscript under consideration
  • Reviewers should carefully examine the assigned manuscript to identify substantial similarities between the manuscript under consideration and other published works
  • Reviewers should note any ethical concerns regarding possible violations of guidelines on animal and human experimentation and they should inform and advise the Editor in Chief about the best course of action
  • Reviewers who presume that there might be conflicts of interest between them and the assigned manuscript should inform the Editor in Chief and refuse to review the assigned manuscript