Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 3, July 2023, Pages 218-321 

Review Paper

The green-synthesized metal and metal oxide nanoparticles in dental implant applications

Pages 218-230


Soroor Soltani; Milad soleimani; Azita Sadeghzade; Zohreh Asgari; Reza Mahmoudi Anzabi; Haniyeh Asadi; Soroush Hallajmoghaddam Sarand

Isolation and characterization of curcumin by antisolvent and cooling crystallization method for a potential antimicrobial nanofibrous membrane

Pages 246-258


Tanzeel Rehman Rehman; Muhammad Aqeel Bhutto; Mihr Ali Bhutto; Azhar Ali Tunio; Babar Ali Baig; Nazir Ahmed Tunio; Athar Ali Bhutto

Renal cell carcinoma derived exosome as natural nanoparticles inhibits T cell proliferation and induces their apoptosis

Pages 277-282


Davood Babakhani; Danyal Daneshdoust; Amirhossein Baharvand; Azam Mivefroshan; Iman Raeisi; Bashar Zuhair Talib Al-Naqeeb; Farnaz Tavakoli